About Us

We are Debora and Fiamma, mother and daughter, both born and raised in Rome. If you want to experience true Roman hospitality, all you have to do is knock on our door, whether in person or virtually, and we will warmly welcome you into our beautiful home. Fiamma is a sommelier, and Debora is cheerful and sociable, with a passion for cooking and the history of Rome.

We take great joy in taking care of our guests and sharing the authentic flavors of Rome with them. Together, we will prepare the finest Italian dishes using cherished recipes passed down from our grandmother. As we gather around the table for a delicious dinner accompanied by wonderful wines, we will also share stories and traditions from Rome, making your evening a truly memorable local experience.

We are excited to entertain our guests by offering more than just cooking classes. Our events provide an opportunity to learn some of our special recipes, discover the secrets of making perfect pasta, and even experience the lively Italian music and humorous gestures that are unique to our culture. Our aim is to create a genuine connection with everyone who joins us, sharing insights and, most importantly, having a lot of fun together.

The key ingredients for our recipes go beyond the kitchen. We infuse our meals with fun, love, and laughter, ensuring that your dining experience will be unforgettable. So come and join us, and let us take you on a culinary journey through Rome while surrounded by joyous laughter and positive vibes. We can't wait to welcome you into our home and create a truly special and authentic Italian experience.